Repurposing materials to create something else is not only “green” but nourishes my creative soul. So, whenever I make a lampshade, it brings a smile to my face when I can take a vintage textile, long forgotten about, and turn it into a stylish lighting accent in a home.

Whenever I come across orphan quilt blocks at antique shows, it makes me a little sad. As a quilter, I know the loving work that goes into each block. I often think about the woman who made them and what her life must have been like. Why didn’t she ever complete her quilt? Many of the blocks I find are often from the 1930s and are hand sewn. They are truly beautiful, and when you think about the time when they were created, when fabric was so expensive (not that it is all that cheap today), it makes each quilt block that I find even that much more special.


Here are the orphan quilt blocks that I found at the Brimfield Antique Show. They are from the Double Wedding Ring pattern. They are all hand sewn with vintage fabrics.


Here is the lampshade that I created from those orphan quilt blocks. This shade has pastel tones during the day, but when illuminated, the colors become saturated. I love how it’s like having 2 different lampshades depending on the time of day.


When these pieced quilt block shades are illuminated, they remind me of stained glass windows. Look how vibrant the colors become when lit 🙂


The side view looks like a door.


Here is the back of the shade.


A birds eye view of the shade. The inside clip that attaches to the light bulb is a “torpedo” style clip for those light bulbs that are pointy shaped.

You’ll find a selection of handmade lamp shades created from both vintage textiles and modern fabrics in my Etsy Shop. I am happy to work with your fabric stash for a truly one-of-a-kind lampshade for you. Get in touch Kim@WeatherKim.com