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When I was pregnant with my daughter, Eden, something overwhelming hit me: I NEEDED TO SEW MY BABY GIRL A WARDROBE FULL OF DRESSES! Little girl dresses 🙂 And thus began my obsession. Dress pattern after dress pattern, there I chugged away on my Pfaff. But my favorite pattern to date is the the Tinny Dress Pattern by Straight Grain Patterns. Here is the reason why I love this pattern: TONS OF VERSATILITY!

Tinny Dress Little Girl Dress pattern

Eden strikes a pose with her Teagan White Birch Organics Tinny Dress!

In Kids fashion, it is super important that I stretch my dollar. I really appreciate that this pattern is like getting 2o patterns in one. An, the creator-in-chief over at Straight Grain, has made sure to really pack a ton of options in this dress pattern. For me, right now, Eden is all about the “twirl factor”. I call her my “Twirl Girl” Look at her spin!

My favorite Little Girl Dress Pattern

This flying arrows Cotton + Steel fabric on the circle skirt really is perfect for the twirl – it looks like arrows flying through the air!

This pattern not only offers a skirt that twirls (Circle Skirt) but there are two other skirt options as well. In fact, there are 8 collar options, 2 bow options, 3 sleeve options, and 2 bodice options! And, can we please just talk about what every sewist wants in a pattern? It is being able to print just the size you need. And that is just the way I like it. With any luck, I’ll have Eden twirling for eight more years to go.



Asymmetric collar Little Girl Dress

Can’t go wrong with an Asymmetric collar on this Picnic Style Tinny Dress!

The Tinny Dress for Easter

Here’s what Eden wore for Easter this year. A Tinny with bunnies and a Tomoka collar.

Have you made a Tinny? What’s your favorite combo? Do you have a little girl dress pattern that you are ga-ga over? Tell me about it! Leave me a comment below. Please follow me on Instagram @WeatherKim to see what I make – would love to connect.


She’s been sneaky, our little one year old. She’d slip in a few steps here and there, but never when I had my camera rolling! That is, until today (and last night.) We finally caught our little toddler on camera. I love how she raises both arms in the air above her head when she walks (as if Ben or I are still holding her hands for practice.) I made a little movie to celebrate Eden’s new milestone. I hope you enjoy it!




It only took me 6 months, but I finally finished Eden’s quilt. I feel guilty because I made a quilt for another cutie-pie first (her baby shower was in December and I knew I wanted to make something.) For Eden’s quilt I wanted to create something with an Anthropologie vibe that was all-over kind of neutral with punches of color.

inspirationAs I type, Eden just turned 6 months old. What you don’t know about that picture above is that I plopped her down like twenty times only to have her roll onto her side before I could safely let go and take the picture! You can imagine how happy I was to have her both upright AND smiling!

crib 1

crib 2 I spent the final month of my pregnancy painting Eden’s crib. I found a zero VOC paint at Lowes by Olympic Paint. The color is Calypso Berry and it was that color from which I picked out my fabrics to use in making the quilt. I used a lot of Art Gallery fabrics (seriously, I love LOVE LOVE them!), some Joel Dewberry, & the base is just a neutral Jo-Ann grab. The Art Gallery fabrics are from their Summer Love  & Modernology collections by Pat Bravo (this has to be one of the nicest designers around – her videos make you want to jump into the screen with the crew and start dancing!) I hope to meet her at Spring Quilt Market in Portland OR in a few months. (And I am just DYING to meet Bari J! She is one of the newest members of the Art Gallery Team. I’ll be crafting with some of her LillyBelle fabric that I have stockpiled soon (waves to @BariJ !) But back to Eden’s quilt… The Joel Dewberry fabric is from his Aviary 2 collection and is the Woodgrain in the Bark color line  that essentially trims out the quilt with the binding.

ombre quilting

crib again

dimple handsdappled light

i love youwhere's eden?

peek a boo

i love youHere she is, above, playing with her appliquĂ©d letter “E”. Or she’s thinking about eating her toe. Actually, I am pretty sure it is the second. Thank you to @CindySews for all her help, especially with the appliquĂ© stuff. She is not only my sewing teacher, but also my dear friend. Between Cindy and her friend (now mine), Pam (who owns Delray Fabrics – you should buy all your modern fabrics there. Seriously) I find myself cracking up whenever we’re all together. Got a problem with one of the Real Housewives? Chat about it with Pam – she’ll back you up.


Couldn’t end this without my Sweet Eden’s gummy grin. I hope she reads this one day and knows all the love I put into this hand-made quilt. Baby girl, mommy L O V E S you to the moon and back!


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