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So, I have this double baby shower coming up quick this weekend. When I *can*, I like to make hand-made gifts. Obviously, this is something I enjoy, but I also like to give things that are unique and made with love. Thankfully my sewing teacher, Cindy, had just the perfect idea: baby receiving blankets. They are pretty simple to make and don’t take F O R E V E R (like some quilts can!)

Roll 'em up and give 'em!

Roll ’em up and give ’em!

The baby shower I am going to is for two women. One is expecting a girl and one is expecting a boy. YAY! It also helped that over at Jo-Ann Fabric, their flannel was on sale 🙂 Love love love 60% off! Here are the three I have made so far (I still have to make one more baby girl blanket.) I plan on giving two each.

Kim Martucci set of 3 Baby Blankets

The first one I made was the pink and brown blanket. I love pink and brown together. I also appreciate how RIPPING YOUR FABRIC (instead of cutting it) keeps your fabric from getting WONKY. You know what I mean? They do this all the time on Project Runway – ripping the fabric. This is when you put a little snip where you want to cut and then tear instead. What happens is that you end up ripping along the grain of the fabric and it gives you a true straight edge. Even better, your blanket will LIE FLAT if it is ripped along the warp and weft threads of the fabric. Good sewing teachers instill this in you and I can say Ms. @CindySews did her job! Here’s how the baby girl blanket turned out below.

Go ahead, slap that sewing label on it. Slap it on everything you make #ImSOvain

Go ahead, slap that sewing label on it. Slap it on everything you make #ImSOvain

Kim Martucci's baby girl blanketNext up, I made one of little dog fabric. It’s turquoise and brown. I like this combination, too.

Who doesn't love puppies?

Who doesn’t love puppies?

And, finally, my most recent blanket I made to compliment the puppy blanket above. This one, though, is a little more modern. The flannel features buildings. I was actually kind of surprised that Jo-Ann even had this fabric. I find that their selection is rather traditional. So, I kind of did a little jig in the aisle when I found this fabric. I like how it compliments the puppy blanket colors. Also, the orange in it gave me a good excuse to flaunt my tacky Winker Weather Kim label in the orange and turquoise color scheme (note to self: next time you order sewing labels, consider how infrequently you actually use this color scheme despite how much you love it!)

I love the color combo of orange and grey - nice and modern.

I love the color combo of orange and grey – nice and modern.

So what do you think? Tell me what kind of hand-made baby shower gifts you like to give. I would love some ideas! Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you 🙂




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