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Several years ago, when I had the fabric designing bug, I created a fun fabric and posted it to Spoonflower. If you have never heard of Spoonflower, it is a cool website where creatives can post their digital design files and turn them into fabric, wallpaper or wrapping paper. This is the website, in fact, that I used to produce the fabric I needed for my bridesmaids dresses for my summer 2009 wedding in Bar Harbor Maine (!)


WeatherKim Wedding Bridesmaids Dresses Candy Stripes

Here are my affectionately known Bar Harbor “Candy Stripes” Bridesmaids! I created the fabric at Spoonflower and you can even buy it if you want.

Subsequently, I have created other fabric. Sadly, after I had it printed and shipped to me in northern Virginia, I never used it (!) There it sat for years. Finally, while down in Florida visiting my folks, I cut into one of my favorite prints called Pink Grapefruit Puffs. If I could imagine a grapefruit turned into flowers, well, this is the design in my head and brought to life. I enjoyed pairing this fabric with a black, white, and gray check fabric to make my sweet Eden an Antalya dress.

Pink Grapefruit Puffs Fabric by WeatherKim at Spoonflower

Sweet Eden modeling her Antalya dress made with my Pink Grapefruit Puffs fabric produced by Spoonflower.


Pink Grapefruit Puffs fabric by Kim Martucci on Spoonflower

Here’s the back dropped waist of the Antalya Dress in my Pink Grapefruit Puffs fabric.

Antalya Dress Button Loops in Pink Grapefruit Puffs Fabric

The back of the Antalya dress with the button looped closure.

Pink Grapefruit Puffs fabric by WeatherKim Kim Martucci for Spoonflower

The twirl test! The Pink Grapefruit Puffs pass the test.


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