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My baby girl is growing like a weed. I wish I had blogged about her more, but it seems like instagram & twitter (along with social cam) are just so much easier/convenient when total cuteness is going down. Let me catch you up about Eden:

She is now 5 months old (that’s my digital scrapbook page above – I manage to make one per month, much fewer than what I would like to do.) She is      a    l    w    a     y     s   HAPPY! I swear I have the happiest baby. There are exceptions, like last night when the meanest diaper rash took charge. But other than that, she just smiles and smiles. I am SO IN LOVE.

Lets see…She rolls this way and that and even spins like a top (so it seems when I check in over the video monitor above her crib.) She loves to suck on her toes. She’ll also stand forever as long as she holds onto my hands. But then she tries to suck on my fingers and things turn into a wet mess! She has been jabbering so much. At the end of her bottle, I’ll just lie next to her on the glider rocker with my face about 6″ away and she’ll just look at me and say all these little jabbering consonants with milk drooling from her mouth. L O V E.

ImageHere she is with her big bro, Max. He’s a fan, especially of the toys under her little exer-dome thing on the floor of the nursery. Every night, after bath time, Max goes into Eden’s room and has his little routine: shake the rattle, put the caterpillar into Eden’s crib, turn on the mobile, turn on glow sea horse, kiss baby Eden and then finally kiss whichever parent is taking care of Eden at the time. We have taught Max to be gentle with Eden (as we did with the kitties… “Gentle with the kitties!” is what I must have said a thousand times over the last year.)

Max goes to “school” during the day to Abuela’s house. When I went to pick him up the other day, he was playing with a toy bassinet with a dolly baby inside. It looked like a miniature version of Eden in her car seat carrier. How cute that he was practicing being a big brother 🙂

I got so much advice when I started having children. I try to follow the important things. The one thing I have done is this: RELISH EVERY SINGLE SECOND I HAVE WITH MY KIDS. I really do. Whether it is our after dinner walk, helping Max jump down off the fire hydrant, or cleaning up what seems to be the 50th puke of the day off my freshly showered body from baby girl, I know they are only little for a split second. And while I may miss my meteorological professional-ness, nothing, and I mean NOTHING could be better than spending time with my kids. I am so grateful. Stay at home mom = lucky girl. Go hug your kid!







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