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I have been busy, making by hand, one-of-a-kind lamp shades to stock up my inventory for holiday shopping. I thought I would make it easy for you to get an early start in your shopping by offering a 20% off coupon code which is valid all October long. Just use the code SAVE20 in my Etsy shop!

Save money on handmade lampshades lamp shades light shades

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Vintage mid century textiles for handmade lampshade design

My vintage textiles security guard!


I make two kinds of lampshades, all by hand. The first kind are “hard backed shades”. Here is an example of one of my hard backed shades. These shades tend to be square, rectangular and may or may not have a flared base. They have “styrene” as a main component to them. Styrene is the hard material to which the fabric is adhered and no lining fabric is necessary in a “hard backed shade.” They do take time to create, however, they are not as time consuming as “soft backed shades”.

Soft backed shades are the second kind of shades that I make, and you can see one here. These shades are just that – soft. They do not have styrene in them (the stiff stuff in some shades). These kinds of shades are great in that there is no limit in the kind of wire frame you can use – curvy or straight. Because of this, however, I cannot use the stiff styrene in a curvy shade and have to hand sew not only the fabric onto the wire frame, but the lining too. Bottom line? It is a very TIME CONSUMING process and why my soft backed shades are considerably more expensive than my styrene shades. Soft backed shades take up to 10 – 18 hours longer for me to make. That said, they are truly one-of-a-kind and a work of art.

My favorite part of lamp shade design is sourcing vintage textiles. This summer, I went up to the Brimfield Antiques Fair in Brimfield, MA. I got turned onto Brimfield when I used to forecast the weather for Fox25 News in Boston.

Kim Martucci WFXT FOX Boston Weather Forecaster meteorologist

Here’s a look at my WFXT Fox25 News forecasting days…keep it moving!

Boy was I sad when I relocated out of Mass! But this summer was an absolute joy heading back to Brimfield. I love the selection of vintage textiles in the rows and rows of booths that line the fields of historic route 20. Here are some of the pics from my Brimfield July 2016 trip – from textiles to furniture – to church pews!

Vintage Seedsacks seed sacks seedsack seed sack

I found one booth that had nothing but vintage seed sacks!

Industrial metal storage drawers found at Brimfield

A vintage metal industrial storage cabinet with drawers. Imagine all the uses!

Vintage European Grain Sacks Grainsacks 19th century

Vintage european grain sacks hold up so well over time. Their unique texture tells a unique story when turned into lampshades.

Industrial muffin tins at the Brimfield Antiques Show

I’m no baker, that’s for sure. But, my mind immediately turns to all the crafty uses for these industrial muffin tins. What a unique way to store your beads if you’re a jewelry maker.

Antique Vintage church pew

Take me to church!

Vintage Singer Featherweight Sewing maching centennial model

Vintage Centennial Singer Featherweight Sewing machine. These are not only beautiful, but even today, my friends use the heck out of them in their sewing projects.

Vintage Wood and Glass paned door at the Brimfield Antiques Show

Gorgage vintage wood and glass paned door at the Brimfield Antiques show.

Sometimes it is just SO DIFFICULT to stay focused when I am on a textile sourcing trip! I want to come home with all the furniture! But, somehow, I get it together and blow all my cash on textiles and vintage lighting. Then the real fun begins when I get home – making the shades 🙂 Below are some of the different style shades I create, from the more modern “drum shades”, to the vintage feedsack shades. The best kind are when I mix vintage and modern textiles. Please drop me a comment and tell me what kind of styles YOU like best. I would love to hear from you 🙂

Vintage up cycled tablecloth lampshade

I took a vintage red and cream embroidered tablecloth and up cycled it to create this beautiful lampshade.

Pink and white lampshade with victorian style fringe

This is a vintage style frame with modern Cotton + Steel fabric. I am seriously crushing on pink and white right now.

Handmade Pink and white tigers lampshade

Any little girl’s room or baby nursery would love this petite pink and white lampshade featuring tigers.

Modern drum style nursery lamp shades in pink.

Fabric designer Lizzy House’s fabric adorns these modern drum style shades in pink.

Rifle Paper Co handmade lampshade

The Rifle Paper Company released fabric for the firs time and I gobbled it all up! I love this lampshade – definitely a favorite 🙂


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